Therapy Resources Online


There are ample online resources to provide additional information on the therapeutic process and mental health disorders. Some of the most useful articles are listed below.

Learning About Therapy

These therapy resources will help you learn more about the counseling process and the psychotherapeutic approach I use at Astute Counseling Services.

●     8 Signs You Should See a Therapist

●     Types of Mental Health Therapy

●     Behavioral Therapy

●     Psychotherapies Explained

●     Recognition of Psychotherapy Effectiveness

●     Understanding Psychotherapy and How It Works

●     Therapy, the Effective Kind

Resources for Anxiety and Depression

Nearly everyone experiences anxiety or depression at some point in life. Learn about the common symptoms and how they are frequently treated.

●     What Depression Actually Is

●     Mental Health Counseling: Definition and Techniques (Video)

●     Bipolar Disorder: The Symptoms of the Psychological Disorder (Video)

Resources for Families of Loved Ones With Special Needs

Families of loved ones with special needs often face unique challenges. Therapy can strengthen the family dynamic and offer effective coping mechanisms.

●     Parents of Special Needs Children: Effects and Coping

●     Special Needs Legal and Future Planning

Resources for Couples and Family Therapy

Counseling can be helpful for improving the quality of relationships between couples and within families.

●     About Family Therapy

●     Family Systems Therapy

●     Couples and Relationship Therapy

●     5 Principles of Effective Couples Therapy