Monica Smiley

Monica Smiley MA, LCSW, BCBA graduated from the University of Illinois in 2003 where she majored in Psychology. She then proceeded to get two additional degrees, a Clinical Degree from the University of Illinois as a Mental Health Clinician and an additional degree from Aurora University as a Board Certified Applied Behavior Analysis (BCBA). Monica has worked in the field of mental health for her entire adult career in both private practice and as a Professor of Psychology at the collegiate level.

Monica specializes in anxiety, depression, panic, adjustment disorders, life transitions, societal/systemic concerns and interpersonal relationships. Monica works primarily with the Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Model as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Through a collaborative therapeutic relationship, Monica seeks to create a safe space to explore problems and motivate meaningful change. Skilled in Behavior Analysis, Solution-Focused and Cognitive Therapy techniques, her integrated counseling approach assists clients to develop practical coping skills, identify core beliefs and provide behavior modification as clients work towards their goals. Monica strongly believes that therapy is for everyone, a tool to teach continued positive mental heath strategies to create life-long fulfillment.


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