Jenna Cronin

Jenna C is a Licensed Clinical Therapist and has been working in the field of mental health for over 5 years. Jenna has many different areas of experience and works with a wide range of mental health disorders. She previously worked with acute crisis care patients, many of whom were first responders, completing psychiatric assessments, diagnosing and treatment planning. Jenna also currently works in the Psychiatry Emergency Department of a local hospital in Chicago. She has previous experience treating Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing ABA (applied behavioral analysis).

Jenna’s philosophy of therapy is believing the client is the expert of their own life. Jenna works to help clients move toward whatever goals and values they have decided are important to them. Jenna uses a combined approach to therapy but spends a lot of time working on challenging thoughts and emotions in order to improve behavior. 

Jenna enjoys working with individuals who have depression (competent with suicidal ideation and self harm), trauma and anxiety. She is Certified in Trauma (CCTP), Mood Disorders and Depression (CDMPT). She also likes to work with individuals with personality disorders, life transitions and interpersonal struggles. Jenna is trained in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), RODBT (Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy), and certified in CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy), which is an evidenced based intervention used for individuals with PTSD.


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